Infocomm2014 – AV Moving Forward

Infocomm2014 – AV Moving Forward

Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, Nevada

Conference: June 14th thru June 20th

Exhibition: June 18th thru June 20th

Mostly AV Industry Manufacture will be there. I can name a few but as an AV Tech head I won’t know where to stop. If you would like to know what AV Industry Manufactures will be onsite you can see the list here.

Infocomm is where all the AV Tech heads meet as well as see all the new up and coming new gear that the manufactures will be coming out with. New technology is always show cased at Infocomm and is always fun to see and get more info on. If you have not been to Infocomm and you are an AV Tech Head then you really are missing out on a lot of the stuff that happen at Infocomm.

Look forward to more blogs coming in regards to Infocomm. Pictures will be posted of the event as well. Hope to see you guys out there.



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