ABOUT h323HD, Inc.

We are an audio and video design and integration firm that specializes in BOTH commercial and residential solutions, supporting clients across the U.S. and abroad.

on the COMMERCIAL side of things – specializing in building and designing new or transforming and supporting existing conference rooms, board rooms, class rooms and meeting rooms by installing and configuring State-of-the-Art videoconferencing and audiovisual equipment so that conducting face to face meetings have never looked or sounded better.  We expand the role of the traditional consultant with our innovative strategy, progressive design, proactive maintenance and continual monitoring in order to ensure we provide top notch support.  Our strength is in properly planning each installation to seamlessly blend-in to any work environment.  We also provide on-site and remote support for optimal response to any situation.  With a constant evolving industry, it is our mission to not only inform you about the right technology but to educate you about it too.  Our staff will impart their expertise, undoubtedly leaving you with a better understanding of which services best suit your business’ needs

As we all know, video conferencing is key in today’s market as companies seek more cost-effective and efficient ways to conduct business.  Through live and/or virtual training, we’ll make sure all users are successful when using our video conference solutions. Let our skilled staff help you design and implement a cutting-edge Video Conference strategy, develop a Video Conference Network and protect your infrastructure, ideas and investment.

on the RESIDENTIAL side of things – specializing in the installation of Security systems, home automation, control systems and much much more.

Visit our website at www.h323hd.com for more information.


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