Infocomm2014 Review


Infocomm2014 – Moving AV Forward


LED Displays

The amount of LED Displays that were being showcased at infocomm2014 were amazing. LED Displays have come a long way from providing small displays to meet your needs, from single displays to LED video walls.

4K switchers, 4K Displays & 4K Ready Devices

4K is not coming but is already here to stay. 4K was the talk of last year’s Infocomm2013. This year’s Infocomm2014 4K was everything and everywhere. My personal take on this subject is that some companies where ready and some were quiet just not there yet. I do give kudos to SVSi for their great work on 4K switching.

AVNation’s #AVSelfie

Great job with the #AVSelfie hashtag and #AVSelfie video which was shown at Crestron’s 4K Display setup. Kudos to AVNation and Philip “HiPhi” Cordell for the great video that was put together from the AVSelfie Hashtag.

Definitely lots to cover when it comes to Infocomm. I know I’m barely scratching the surface but these really were the “hot topics” I think at Infocomm2014 – Moving AV Forward.

Looking forward to Infocomm2015 at: Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center West Building, June 13th thru June 19th, 2015

Just in case you need to know here are the following years to come with Infocomm

The full schedule is as follows:

2015 – Show 6/17-6/19, Conference 6/13-6/19, Orlando

2016 – Show 6/8-6/10, Conference 6/4-6/10, Las Vegas

2017 – Show 6/14-6/16, Conference 6/10-6/16, Orlando

2018 – Show 6/6-6/8, Conference 6/2-6/8, Las Vegas

2019 – Show 6/12-6/14, Conference 6/8-6/14, Orlando


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