ACT of Communication Launches Witness Preparation Via Video Conferencing

ACT of Communication(TM) one of the nation’s premier witness preparation firms, once again clears a path for the legal industry into the digital age by deploying interactive platforms such as Skype, Google Hangout and other widely available video conferencing tools to turn the industry’s theories on the topic of witness preparation upside down. With nearly 11,000 legal community Twitter followers, more than most state bar associations, the firm is no stranger to leading the way towards digital innovation in an industry some might argue as slow to adapt.

Via video conferencing, the team at ACT of Communication(TM), is able to work one-on-one with any witness facing a trial or deposition-not by traditional means but by the innovative Star Witness Preparation System based on the teachings of theatre techniques. Invented, tested and successfully proven in over 1,000 cases by Katherine James, the techniques are unlike any taught in law schools or in the biggest of firms. As the system’s name implies, even the most problematic witnesses can be turned in to stars. In addition, ACT of Communication™ will also work closely with the attorney having to lead those same witnesses successfully through the process.

Although witness preparation via video conferencing is an ideal solution in a time crunch or in a small budget scenario, the service can be deployed in any trial or deposition-small or large.


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