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Video conferencing install of TV with Camera and Microphone. Simple but effective.




Law Firms + Video Conferencing

With so many efficiency-boosting technologies available today to help you manage and grow your law firm, it is sometimes difficult to identify the right ones to implement. Given recent trends, it is abundantly clear that law firms will focus their investments on technologies that can have the greatest impact on growing their bottom line. Due to its numerous benefits, including significant productivity gains, cost savings, and employee safety, videoconferencing tops the list. Law firms have used videoconferencing for many years. Recent developments have made it affordable for even the smallest firms. You can purchase equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars only a few years ago for a fraction of that cost today. The products have become more reliable, easier to use, more compact, even portable, and manufacturers have greatly enhanced their capabilities and features. Popular thinking seems to indicate that now is the time to get your firm started with videoconferencing,

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