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Tons of #avselfies were taken at INFOCOMM14 in Las Vegas, Nevada and some of them are now featured in SCN Magazine. What a great compliment!. Julio Carrasco, President/Chief Video Engineer of h323HD, Inc., attended Infocomm14 and took tons of selfies and one of his pics made it on to the collage. He is the second Picture on the top.

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Study finds videoconferencing with family, friends lowers stress for pediatric patients

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) —To ease isolation during extended hospitalizations, UC Davis Children’s Hospital offers secure videoconferencing for patients and families. While anecdotal accounts have suggested the Family-Link program enhances quality of life during long hospital stays, clinicians wondered if the technology also offered clinical benefits.

To answer that, a team led by UC Davis professor James Marcin studied 367 children who were hospitalized for at least four days. They found that access to Family-Link significantly reduced patient stress. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

As the popularity of applications like Skype and FaceTime have increased, so has the number of patients interested in using these applications to communicate with family and friends. UC Davis Children’s Hospital pioneered the Family-Link program, which provides patients with laptops, webcams and secure internet connections.

We have many children who transfer from other hospitals and even other states,” said Nikki Yang, first author on the study. “Because they are too far away for family and friends to visit, they often ask for laptops so they can teleconference. That was the origin of Family-Link.”

While the program began as a service to improve long hospital stays, clinicians wanted to know if it also provided clinical benefits. Earlier studies had shown that in-person family visits can decrease stress and even improve recovery times. But could virtual visits have a similar effect?

“This study shows that we have another tool to help children during their hospital stays,” said Yang. “The improvement in stress scores shows that Family-Link is really helping many children and might possibly be improving outcomes.”

ACT of Communication Launches Witness Preparation Via Video Conferencing

ACT of Communication(TM) one of the nation’s premier witness preparation firms, once again clears a path for the legal industry into the digital age by deploying interactive platforms such as Skype, Google Hangout and other widely available video conferencing tools to turn the industry’s theories on the topic of witness preparation upside down. With nearly 11,000 legal community Twitter followers, more than most state bar associations, the firm is no stranger to leading the way towards digital innovation in an industry some might argue as slow to adapt.

Via video conferencing, the team at ACT of Communication(TM), is able to work one-on-one with any witness facing a trial or deposition-not by traditional means but by the innovative Star Witness Preparation System based on the teachings of theatre techniques. Invented, tested and successfully proven in over 1,000 cases by Katherine James, the techniques are unlike any taught in law schools or in the biggest of firms. As the system’s name implies, even the most problematic witnesses can be turned in to stars. In addition, ACT of Communication™ will also work closely with the attorney having to lead those same witnesses successfully through the process.

Although witness preparation via video conferencing is an ideal solution in a time crunch or in a small budget scenario, the service can be deployed in any trial or deposition-small or large.

InfoComm is in Full Swing! Huawei showcases SME videoconferencing solutions at InfoComm

Huawei to showcase cost-effective solutions ideal for SMEs, small boardrooms and remote branches

“The VAR community will want to visit the Huawei booth to check out the best videoconferencing solutions on the market,” said Glen Ziegler, senior director of Channel Sales for Huawei Enterprise USA. “Our cost-effective solutions are ideal for SMEs, small boardrooms and remote branches.”



Video conferencing makes sense for many businesses

In FARGO, N.D. – Improved technology, lower costs and social trends are driving more companies to use video conferencing in the workplace, and doing so has provided those companies a number of benefits.Video conferencing allows businesses to hold meetings and conduct interviews without leaving the workplace. It cuts down on time-consuming travel and the associated costs.Gate City Bank invested in video conference technology late last year.

Adopting the technology had been on the minds of officials at Gate City Bank for some time. The company had grown to 34 locations and they were looking for ways to streamline operations.After testing a few systems, they enlisted Bloomington, Minn.-based Video Guidance to provide video conference technology for their boardrooms, desktops and mobile devices.The most easily measured benefits are time and travel savings. Video conferencing has enabled employees from multiple Gate City branches to connect for meetings and training 


h323HD, inc. will be attending the June NYC Business & Entrepreneur Grade-A Networking Mixer

ImageJune 10, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

“This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Mixer!” We’re SO Excited!  Join The NYC Business Networking Group (NYCBNG) for their monthly Networking Opportunity. At the events we all work together to build and strengthen each others’ businesses and see how we can help each other…h323HD, Inc. attends these monthly events and it’s always great to see new faces and make great connections.

This event is on  It’s located at PrannaNYC (28th & Madison Avenue) Upstairs.  $20.00 at the door and $10.00 in advance.   

Hope to see you there!

iOS 8 may split-screen iPad apps, just like the Microsoft Surface, Isn’t it about time?


There’s no logical reason why the iPad shouldn’t be able to do split-screen multitasking as well as the tablet, and with iOS 8 the feature might actually arrive.

That’s what 9to5Mac is saying after speaking with “sources with knowledge of the enhancement in development.”

With Apple’s next major iOS update, these sources said, the iPad will gain the ability to use two applications simultaneously, each taking up one half of the tablet’s screen.

The iPad may be the leader in the tablet space, but this is one thing it could definitely learn from Microsoft’s Surface.